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Over the last 16 years, our corps has grown into a regional network of teachers with more than 219 alumni who are invested in the communities we serve. They believe strongly in the hard work of our young people and continue to build innovative partnerships that will change outcomes for thousands of students. This work is always student-focused and community-led.

While New Mexico still has a long journey to ensure that all students have access to an excellent education, our collective charge to bring about change is stronger than ever. The communities in our region have a rich and diverse history. Despite a legacy of trauma and perpetuation of violence towards indigenous language, land, and traditions, native culture remains a vibrant and powerful force in our state.

Today, educational outcomes are poor where in many places fewer than 50 percent of our students will graduate from high school. Our region believes without hesitation that our students have the power to change this narrative. There is an enormous opportunity for Teach For America – New Mexico to work alongside schools and communities to prepare students to be authentic leaders for their tribal nations. We will work together to ensure our young people are ready for college and beyond.

As a Native Alliance Initiative region, we are deeply engaged in the effort to develop student leaders and to ensure we are employing culturally responsive teaching techniques so that history, culture, and language are honored. We have parents, elders, alumni, corps members, school administrators, and community leaders that advise, advocate, and hold us accountable through our newly created Regional Advisory Board.

Our team inherently believes in strengthening the sovereignty of native communities. This is why we are committed to recruiting more teachers that are indigenous and partnering with schools across the Navajo Nation, the Pueblo of Zuni, and the small towns in between.


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